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The state-run was the only event for the first 13 Olympic Games, but over time new sporting events were introduced (David 14). The hoplitodrome was a footrace while athletes wore full amours. There was an event where athletes competed in five competition called Pentathlon. that was javelin, sprint, jumping, wrestling and discus throwing. Boxing was later introduced at the 23rd games, and they continued to expand adding more and more games such as chariot racing. In the 37th Olympic Games, the Greek extended the games to a five-day competition. At first, the games were only participated by the Greek citizens only but eventually, the whole Mediterranean region joined in which was then the Roman Empire (Ben 8).

The Olympic Games were linked to the religious festivals of Zeus closely but were not part of any rite. They were aimed more on showing the physical qualities and performances done by young people and also to enhance good relationships between Greece and its surrounding allies. The festival was a peaceful event influencing all the war-like cities, even the Sparta was famous for brutal and strict military always waited for the Olympic Games to end before attacking the Greek cities. In the ancient games, women were not allowed to attend the games, only freeborn boys and men could participate and attend. Athletes would take oaths first to observe the rules and standards of the games. The participants did not receive any monetary awards. they paid their expenses. The winners were crowned with olive leaves and paraded like heroes, and they were given a gift after being announced by a Greek judge while spectators cheered. The ceremony took place at the temple of Zeus. The greatest athlete in the ancient games was a wrestler called Milo of Croton who won the boxing competition six times and was said to be the most powerful man then. Many artists were also inspired by the Olympics.

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