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Write 4 page essay on the topic Analysis of questionnarie.

Questionnaire was used to collect the data.

The analysis focuses on investigating if students who did not take fruits do not like them and if preference for the fruit is an indicator of number of fruits taken. The following set hypothesis is investigated.

Validity and reliability of a quantitative study plays an important role in determining the study’s significance and applicability for an intended purpose. A study that lacks reliability threshold cannot be applied for the study’s sample, for lack of consistency. neither can it be applied in a population because of external validity concerns (Blaikie 185). The study however incorporates a large proportion of the population, 330 out of 521 students who were willing to participate in the study, and this establishes its internal reliability. A significant proportion of the population was further sampled, 124, with a 100 percent response rate and this reinforce reliability of the study’s results and associated conclusions. Consequently, developed knowledge from the data analysis can be relied upon to inform on preference for fruit and fruits taken in the studied week. The analysis can further be relied upon for a model for a relationship between the two variables and the results can be forecasted to periods beyond the studied week.

Of the interviewed students, 116 (93 percent) had visited the cafeteria within the previous 4 or five weeks and this, and assuming external validity, means that majority of the institution’s students visit the cafeteria. The high proportion of students who visited the cafeteria therefore identifies a potential market for a product that is placed in the cafeteria because of the strategic location that many students can access. Strategies could however be necessary for ensuring that all students visit the cafeteria for a wider market.

One hundred and one students (81 percent), out of the sampled,

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