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Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: From Jam: Data Mining.

This is also known as “one-to-one matching” Under this procedure, the verification can be established immediately. The other aspect is that of identification, in which, a person’s identity is tried to be matched with a host of biometric templates. This is also called “one-to-many” matching. The difference between verification and identification techniques is that, while the former asserts positive confirmation,(the identity has been established) the latter is done for eliminating the possibilities of matching (this biometric model does not match with captured templates in database) used for anti-terrorists and crime fighting campaigns What the biometric analysis establishes is that , through scores, the scores established by the biometric data are matched with the scores gained in the database, and if they are, more or less, equal, it could be concluded that the two images have matched. In this regard, it may be said that biometric technology is a subject of recent innovation, and is still to be a fully developed technique. However, it is widely believed by experts that biometric technology would play a significant role in crime fighting in the days to come.

My chosen technology would impact on crime because it is aimed at reducing the incidence of crime and criminal activities to the barest minimum. It entails security encryption methods that could effectively check any fraudulent attempts of criminal forces and could protect the public systems and also the individuals against the nefarious activities of hackers and cyber criminals. For instance, if used in the context of cash withdrawals from ATM machines, if the fingerprint of the person negotiating the ATM machine does not match with that of the customer in the database, the pulse would not register, and it would be possible for the secret cameras in the ATM booth to capture the images of the intruder. “Almost all systems can

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