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Need an argumentative essay on Nonprofit organization pepar. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

There are innumerable nonprofit organizations throughout the world working for the society, environment, and governments. These nonprofit organizations produce a deep impact on the lives of many people, societies and environment through their dedication, focus and selfless service. These organizations continually set examples for other societies and cultures, which get conceptually copied or become the source of inspiration for other entities in different parts of the world. One such initiative is ‘SELCO Solar Light Pvt Ltd’ by Harish Hande, an Energy Engineer from India, in partnership with Neville Williams, the founder of Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF).

SELCO Solar Light Pvt Ltd clearly has all the characteristics of a nonprofit organization as outlined by Ashcraft (2005). SELCO is headquartered in Bangalore, a southern city of India and has about 25 energy centers across two states within India. It employs about 170 employees and has sold over 115,000 solar systems in a span of 15 years. SELCO is registered as a private limited company and adheres to all business laws including employee wages, compensation etc. However, SELCO operates on exclusively designed policies, programs and services. SELCO can be contacted through its numbers available from its website, Although SELCO is solely private in nature, it has partnered with different groups including technology, finance, carbon trading companies, community based organizations, international setups for community development, and other nonprofit organizations across India and other countries. SELCO is governed by a group of board members that are highly educated and experienced in the field of nonprofit and rural development work (SELCO, n.d).

Hande studied Masters Degree from the University of Massachusetts after acquiring an undergraduate degree in Energy Engineering from

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