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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic T&D 2.

Firms regularly employ ‘Training Needs Analysis (TNA)’ to train their employees in order to serve their employees with quality services. TNA allows companies to assess their internal requirements for improving staff skills. For this purpose, a determination of job roles and responsibilities is undertaken at every level and category with respect to the employees working in the various departments.

This paper details the outcomes of a TNA study conducted on an electrical engineer (referred to as the ‘subject’) who works at ESB International, a prominent energy company. The subject works in the ‘Engineering and Facility Management’ department and his roles primarily include the design and management of projects related to electrical sub-stations. The subject works in a team of five people and is the technical manager of the group.

The study has been influenced by the recommendations of Garavan et al (2003) in identifying the training needs of entities at various levels within the organization. Thus, the literature review and the analysis are driven by the key aspects outlined by Garavan. Essentially, an ideal TNA process should be carried out at 3 levels:

The different levels mentioned above are important elements of assessing the training needs and are highly interrelated. Thus, performing a study based on this structure will provide a balanced analysis that can address the requirements at each of these levels. A typical TNA analysis begins with a review of the strategic and operational objectives of the organization. For example, the SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis is a technique to identify such objectives. At the departmental level, the role of managers is widely studied and the skills of team members are reviewed against all identified objectives. This is important as organizational success is only possible if all departments and

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