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Write a 2 page essay on Junior high vs. High School.

In the middle school model, the students do not have a chance to develop socially with the other students from the advanced classes.

a) Possibly, due to the junior high school model, the students can identify their areas of interest at the early ages and start working to realize their dreams. However, the clusters based on self-chosen electives may lead the students to make wrong choices due to peer pressure.

As per the middle school model, the teachers and students can develop well-organized schedules to guide the learning process. Conversely, the fixed times may develop fixed mindsets in the younger children making them difficult to adjust when moving to the junior high schools.

a) i) In the junior model, there is a specialization of what the teams intend to teach the students since they are professionals meeting to discuss issues in the same subject area. Nevertheless, a single department may perform better compared to others leading to preference of one subject. Such preference may cause poor performance.

ii) In the middle school model, there is a collective focus on the students leading to a common focus on what areas to tackle regarding the children. In contrast, some teachers may fail to take part in the processes as they collectively make suggestions and decisions due to lack of specified responsibilities.

b) Always, the teachers bring new strategies to tackle the challenges that the children face. Therefore, it is important for them to continue meeting daily to help them identify and solve problems that face the students.

a) i) Concentrating on the content does not allow the students to gain the hands-on skills needed to solve the life challenges. Rather, they equip the children with the mastery of the material to achieve high scale of education.

ii) The middle school model allows the students to develop skills that will help them

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