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The south and the north portray a difference in the triumphing denomination. The south is stalwartly going traditional, and even reactionary based on the economically advanced nations. The Roman Catholic draws characteristics of being traditionalists and fideistic and or radical protestant evangelical or Pentecostal sects. The difference in the Anglican understanding of the bible bring up the question if this is a splintering or simply a realignment, but whichever the case, we are now two different churches.

Cultural imperialism, clearly highlighted in the laws of globalization and correctly defined as homogenization standards of tests, behavior, cultures among others. The hollywood, for instance, is inseparable from American imperialism. Therefore, the term Cultural imperialism can be viewed in two dimensions. One that perceives it as imperialism within the culture domain and the other one tend to see it in terms of the cultural aspect of imperialism. These two are complementary in understanding cultural imperialism.

Scott particularly raises a strong argument against cultural imperialism stating that it may reflect recent past therefore failing to capture the big picture and at the same time, the audience actively construct and filter meaning in a way that makes sense only to them. There is also a very present likelihood of emergence of a polycentric world of film production. The Hollywood, for instance, has multinational ownership, global auteurs and transnational circuits of cultural influence.

Asia (Pusan, South Korea), Europe (Venice, Cannes, Belin) and North America (Toronto, Canada) are known to be among the places that have major film festivals. These festivals serve the purpose of alternating the circuit of distribution while simultaneously promote transnational economy of cultural prestige. They also aid in showcasing national cinemas, facilitate

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