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Write a 3 page essay on Developing Retail and Promotion Strategies.

A regional shopping Center is expected to have high customer traffic and hence implementing a promotion strategy would help convince large numbers of people to purchase a product. The firm requires coming up with a mission statement that will help their customers understand why the product suits their needs. The location of the regional shopping center should also be strategic such that many customers have easy access to it (Rogers, 2001). Customers may decide to purchase commodities in a certain shop just because it closer to them even if other factors such as price are no favorable. A convincing mission statement will lure customers into purchasing a certain product over another. The shopping center should focus more on product organization in their shelves and stores. A customer may decide to purchase a commodity just because they saw it in the shelves. Product organization may also convince window shoppers on purchasing a product they saw(Voss & Seiders, 2003). It is therefore important to ensure that the products catch the eye of the target market. The shop may also use modern strategies such as internet marketing to convince them to purchase a product at a certain retail center. However the cost consideration of such a method should be well evaluated so that it does not affect the profit percentages. Direct marketing could also be very effective in a regional shopping center. The firm may decide to employ people in the shop who will talk to the customers and convince them to purchase a certain product. This method has an advantage over the others since there will be a direct response from the customers and hence adjusting to fit the market will be very easy for the manufacturer (Bhatia, 2008).

A new restaurant will obviously be experiencing low numbers of customers and will require critical retail and promotion strategies in order to

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