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This paper directly relates to the current issues that involve the manner which organizations are doing business. This is because of globalization, and the era of multi-national corporations, where business organizations are involved in an expansion strategy aimed at increasing the share of their markets, and their profits. However, these organizations cannot invest in a hostile climate that is full of civil war. This is because they would most definitely make losses, and infrastructures do not exist, that can help in the facilitation of business activities. Therefore, having a complete understanding of the political and business environment of a particular region is important because it helps in the development of a decision on whether to expand in a given economy or not.

The reason I choose this paper is based on the fact that the world is cur5rently experiencing a series of civil wars. This includes a civil war in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Nigeria, etc. These wars play a role in limiting the growth of these states, and in the conduction of international trade. For example, a country such as Nigeria, Iraq and Libya has various multi-national corporations which are in charge of drilling oil, and exploring oil substances. Civil conflicts and political instability would scare off international investors, leading to the collapse of the economies of these countries.

The limitation of this paper, is that it does not provide adequate information on how top prevent civil wars. I intend to get this information from books, specifically books written about democracy and politics. Political journals would also be another source of information aimed at supplementing the information contained in this article.

This paper examines the causes of conflict, in making countries to be unstable. This paper concerns itself with

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