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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Marine Corps O&M.

In addition, funds are provided to assist landing force training, marine detachments afloat and security forces given the duty to guard the naval and other government activities ashore, Norway prepositioning and maritime prepositioning ships. Some of the shore facilities that get support from this appropriation include. one Marine Corps system command, eleven air installations, one Marine Corps combat development, two expeditionary warfare training groups and one Marine Corps air ground combat. These shore facilities are maintained at high level of standards to ensure that there is effective utilization of resources and avoidance of major replacement costs while at the same time allowing for operations and maintenance of Marine Corps on an effective and economical basis.

Furthermore, this Marine Corps appropriation endorses other activities such as second destination transportation of things, special training of personnel, overhaul of equipment and repair, and other expenses that might be incurred. This appropriation uses the Marine Corps supply system that offers Marine units with relevant and proper equipment and material in quantity, time, condition and place required. It is also important to note that this appropriation provides support programs to Marine Corps such as quality of life which includes services such as child care, youth development, and procurement of relatively cheap equipments needed to outfit new military development projects at Marine Corps camps and compensation for injuries incurred while on duty. The Marine operation and maintenance budget request of $ 4,961.4 million shows an increase in budgetary allocation to maintain and sustain the operation of Marine Corps.

Budget for operating forces is made up of two tasks, USMC propositioning and Expeditionary Forces. In this case, the expeditionary forces activity

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