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Your job is to crate logical[1] campus network for Slugworth Candies, LLC. Each local area network must contain the necessary hosts, cabling, wireless access point, switches, and access to services and router(s). Include a separate local area network for the DMZ and for the wireless network.

1.      Using Packet Tracer, diagram the Slugworth campus showing:

a.      All local area networks with the necessary devices (switches, hosts, wireless access point, and router) including the connection to Internet.

b.      A single wireless network for the entire campus to support all employees.

c.      Services (DHCP, DNS, NAT, EMAIL, WEB, FILE, DATABASE, and PRINT) in the DMZ.

d.      Assign static IP addresses to links between switches and router and to services in the DMZ. Annotate all statically assigned IP addresses on the diagram.

2.      Complete the submission form:

a.      Private Class C IPv4 addresses

                                                              i.     Assign a range of addresses to each subnet; include network address with CIDR and broadcast address.

                                                            ii.     List range of addresses available to hosts on each subnet in DHCP server.

                                                          iii.     With the exception of R&D and with wireless network, use a CIDR of 24; R&D and the wireless networks require a CIDR of 23.

b.      Public IPv4 addresses

                                                              i.     Statically assign an address to the forward facing router.

                                                            ii.     List range of available addresses for NAT server.

[1] As a logical network, display a single device regardless of the number of switches, access points, or access devices required to support the network.

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