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Need an argumentative essay on Ethnics studies 2. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Another police officer (Matt Dillon) perceives that a light-skinned woman but actually from the black race (Thandie Newton) is white. Racial discrimination is also evident when a white producer says that black character “doesnt sound black enough,” to the black TV director (Terrence Dashon Howard) it never occurs to him that even the executive doesnt also sound “sound black,” either. These characters say precisely what they think about the other race, without the filters of political appropriateness. The district attorneys wife is so terrified by the encounter on the street that she is forced to change the locks, she then has a feeling that the locksmith will get back with his gang to attack the family. The white policeman is not able to access to health concern for his vanishing father, and thus sets to accuse the black woman at his HMO that she is intriguing gain of privileged ethnic treatment. When the Iranian is not able to comprehend what the locksmith is trying to tell him, he becomes insecure, and gets a gun for personal defense.

In the recent world, white elites’ fabricated race and racial discrimination to defend their supremacy and that of the white people in general. The whites’ have acknowledged the privileges they get from the structure and helped sustain it. The problem does not arise from the personality prejudices that are present in a variety of ways in all groups but from white race superiority, which is articulated not only by persons but also in universal and institutional behaviors. There is tiny insinuation of such perception in the film, which makes it specifically more hazardous in a white-dominated culture in which white people are enthusiastic to keep away from confronting the dispensation. Crash is white supremacist for the reason that it tries to cover up the certainty of white

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