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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: A New Airplane Program of Boeing 767. At the same time, in 1966 company was facing a lot of pressure for the development of new plane as it had been long since the last plane was launched. There were a lot of apprehensions among the directors as the company had not enough experience of developing a plane of their own.

Project Uncertainty and Risk Management, the project management was not effective in Boeing 767 program, is the first weakness. Since the company did not have any past experience of cockpit design for two persons, it resulted in many difficulties in the successful execution of the final product. There should have been a thorough analysis of design before getting the final approval. Another weakness was that the geographic locations of production were also not considered. This hence became a major weakness as the transportation of parts was important on time. Time also became critical also due to the change in the design of cockpit.

The strength was that the conversion of conversion from two-person to the three-person cockpit, which a very big risk was handled very intelligently. First strength was that the delivery of the planes was just one month delayed. This conversion also raised project uncertainty concern. As the parts were designed for two-person cockpit and payments were already made. The strength of project management was that it was decided that modification experts will fix this problem once parts are installed. This resulted in minimization of the risk of production disruption. Hence the projected uncertainty arising from risk was avoided. This made the design of new cockpit more adaptable to changes.

In terms of quality management, another weakness aroused due to this conversion for space. This risk seemed to disrupt the modification of the thirty planes which were almost ready and were also ready to be flown.

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