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Write a 2 page essay on Narcissism.

The Greek myth is that it is unlucky and even fatal to look in the mirror or water to see one’s own reflection or features. Narcissism is the term used by psychologists and psychiatrists to describe a disorder in which one is self-obsessed or is suffering from high sense of worth or emotionally juvenile behavior.

Otto Rank was the Austrian psychoanalyst who initially described narcissism in 1911 in his psychoanalytic papers. He described this behavior as self approval, overconfidence and pride which creates a bad impact upon the person’s work and family relationships. The idea as presented by Otto Rank in his work relates back to the Greek mythology and relates to extreme arrogance, self-esteem, and love for one’s own self. Rank describes narcissism as “vanity and self admiration…narcissistic individuals tend to need others to feel connected and to bask in the glow of strong and powerful people” (Campbell and Mirror 4). Rank, like Freud, considered pretentiousness as a mechanism that an individual uses to feel superior to others.

Sigmund Freud introduced the term narcissism before he published his paper titled On Narcissism: An Introduction in 1914c. Freud’s theory states that when a child is born, his mind is blank without any sense of self (Quinodoz 128). As he grows older and interacts with the society, his mind grasps knowledge and ideas that inculcate in him the sense of ego. His cultural and personal experiences make him learn a sense of self-worth and this boosts his egoistic sagacity which strives to attain that perfect reflection that the society around him expects him to be. Freud called it primary narcissism and considered as a very normal instinct that human psyche must adopt in order to enable the person to survive. He also discussed in his work the diminished primary narcissism which a person experiences when he gives

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