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I need some assistance with these assignment. discussion question 2 week 7 Thank you in advance for the help! Discussion Question 2 Week 7 Discussion Question 2 Week 7 The product one chose is the custom designed jewelry.The distribution strategy that one will use for this product is the use of the internet. One will market the product by creating a website for the product. Aside from that, pictures of the jewelries will also be posted in one’s facebook page so that friends and friends of friends will see the products. One will also look into the possibility of marketing it through Amazon.com to reach a wider market. This distribution strategy is cost effective rather than setting up a store, which is more expensive because of the overhead costs. Another alternative distribution strategy is to talk with department stores and jewelry stores and offer the jewelries on consignment basis. One considers the above-mentioned distribution strategies as most effective for custom designed jewelry. It will reach the target market that one envisions to be.

The distribution strategies for broadcast and cable TV, internet programming and advertisers all use the web to effectively distribute their products. Since almost all people worldwide use the internet, it would be best for these companies to use to their advantage the distribution strategy offered by e-commerce. Social networking sites are also utilized by some of these companies to distribute their products.

These strategies might converge through partnerships with other distribution outlets available in the internet. Having their own websites is a valuable distribution strategy that companies in high-technology industries can use. Through these websites, they can better sell their products and services because they can explain in detail the technology and processes involved in their products.

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