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  1.  Your task is to choose three different news story that deals with a domestic political issues or government issues that are currently in the media and analyze it on two levels. 

A. Analyze your chosen news stories from three different newspapers- a liberal, centrist, and conservative newspaper. Compare and contrast the following elements:

  • Length of article (amount of lines dedicated to article)
  • Depth of article (how much detail, background information, evidence is provided)
  • What facts are the same in each article; what facts are different. (what is omitted)
  • Tone and language use (what phrases are used to create bias)
  • Other observations

B. Compare and contrast the articles using your answers to the questions above to form a clear and coherent argument.

  1. Media is often considered serving a few roles- 

Gatekeeper aka- agenda-setter, telling the public what is important; 

Scorekeeper – the media keeps track of politicians and how they are doing in terms of public opinion, through their coverage they help to make or break political campaigns; and lastly as Watchdog– the media investigates political personalities and stories and in so doing, helps to expose potential scandals. 

What evidence of each of these roles can be seen in your examination and how successful do you think the media is in each of these areas? Use specific examples from your research to support your position. 

  1. Many argue that the media could be understood as the fourth branch of government- that is to say that the media themselves are in part responsible for the creation of public policy. Using evidence from your examination would you support such an argument? Why or why not?

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