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In this globalized world, every country is attached with each other in term of trade, technology and for the fulfilment of different needs. Governments are playing a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy relationship be helping each other in critical areas of life. United Nation is also taking part to bring nations together and provide them a chance to think collectively.Developed countries such as Australia, England, America and many others are helping underdeveloped countries in establishing their economy and assisting them in fulfilment of their basic needs. Local government are also working with the collaboration of developed countries in sorting out these issues. The scholars and researchers are also working to improve the ability of production facilities of poorer countries so that they can produce their own food. The trouble which developed countries are facing in this process is the corruption of local governments. Due to this problem the international aid is not reaching to the people who deserve it.Developed countries are also opening universities and colleges in underdeveloped countries. Individuals are getting training in international universities so that they can run those institutions of education with the help of Higher Education Department. Local governments are also encouraging parents to send their children to school and colleges and avail the facility of free education. As a matter of fact, it is very hard for underdeveloped and developing countries to tackle the problems of education, food, shelter and clothes without the help of developed countries.In conclusion, by utilizing the resources provided by the developed countries, the poorer nations can beat education and food issues. Local governments are liable for the efficient and effective use of resources.

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