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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Embezzlement Behavior among Public Administrators.

Experimental design is appropriate for this study to collect data to identify the aspect of low salary that contributes to the behavior of embezzlement of funds among public administrators. This research design provides a blueprint of the process that facilitates the investigator to maintain control over the entire factors that may influence the outcome of an experiment. Embezzlement of funds among public administrators is financial fraud and to derive intended outcomes the study must adopt this method. Experimental Research is frequently used where there is the priority in time in a causal relation or if there is reliability in a causal relation and the magnitude and extent of the correlation is significant.

Primary research can be done either through interviews or by sending or handling out questionnaires to the intended audience. The current research envisages a research into a topic of public interest and its findings are expected to be used as a remedial measure to address an issue of common interest. This will in curbing the tendency of embezzlement in the official and restores the trust of the public in them.

Collecting data through questionnaires is a common method in research. It encompasses a process of framing questions, the answers which can provide information relevant to the research questions. In this particular research, this design will help in obtaining direct information from public officials as well as those who have fallen victims to any misappropriation by them.

Conducting an interview with a sample population is the process through which a researcher finds answers to questions that are relevant to the investigation.

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