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The purpose of this assignment is to identify a team and/or individual athlete with whom which

you feel you can apply sport, exercise, and performance psychology principles. Your

presentation of your case study will demonstrate your work with your case study client in the

following four areas: intake (step 1), context and psychological skills familiarization (step 2),

evaluation and assessment (step 3), and goal identification and intervention planning (step 4).

Include any additional materials or information (e.g., worksheets, techniques, etc.) in appendices

at the end of the presentation. Your presentation should comprehensively present your case study

and demonstrate your ability to apply what you have learned throughout the course and program.

The Power Point presentation should be about 20-30 minutes. You will be graded based on the

content of the presentation, your demonstration of your ability to engage in the outlined case

study steps, your demonstration of your SEPP knowledge and ability to apply it, and your

presentation skills.


Question 1:

Case Study Step: identify the step being summarized and reflected on.Question 2:Summary: summary of goals and work done to complete the case study stepQuestion 3:Reflection: What did I do well? What could I do better/different?What was my experience during the meeting(s) with my client? What might have been my client’s experience during the meeting(s)?What challenges or ethical issues did I experience and how did that affect me and/or myclient(s)?Question 4:Class Meeting Goal(s): What questions, challenges, issues, etc. do I want to address in theclass meeting (based on reflections)?

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