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Need an argumentative essay on Managing Construction Project Management. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Managing Construction Project Management

It is clearly stated in the Standard Forms of Contract in UK that the building contractors are not made responsible for the building construction delays due to “exceptionally inclement weather”. However, the act of protecting the building contractors from project delays due to “exceptionally adverse weather conditions” is commonly used by almost all architects and building construction companies as a legal excuse for not completing a building project on a timely basis.

Extreme changes in weather does not only cause delay on project deadline but also leads to the increase in mitigation costs, changes in the building technicalities, delayed completion of project payments, changes in the building design, and possible problems related to labour management. In line with this, Eggleston revealed that “an adverse weather should never be considered as a legal ground for contractors’ failure to perform their contractual obligations”. Building projects are usually defined by its scope, the available budget, and scheduling. Aiming to minimize the risk of future construction delays caused by adverse weather, this report will focus on discussing the significance of weather when making assumptions for the bidding and scheduling phases of the new construction project.

Aside from discussing the partial and/or total ownership of risks associated with extreme weather events, the long-term extreme weather condition will be assumed based on the current scientific information that will be gathered and thoroughly discussed in this report.

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