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Employee Rewards and RecognitionAs an HR manager in a large healthcare organization, you have developed a new reward and recognition program designed to help increase employee motivation and job satisfaction in a specific hospital department of your choice. You may choose a clinical or nonclinical department.Based on the course readings and a minimum of four appropriate sources of research, create a 4–6 page executive summary suitable for presentation to senior leadership on employee motivation that includes the following: Determine which department is best suited for the reward and recognition program. Identify a specific goal the employees must work on to be eligible for recognition or to receive the award. Examples include reducing errors, increasing customer/patient satisfaction, or reducing costs. Research a specific motivation theory and determine why this method would be the most practical and effective for this program. Examples are the expectancy theory, equity theory, goal-setting theory, Management by Objectives (MBO), or the four-prong model of intrinsic motivation. Explain why the selected theory would be the most practical and effective for the rewards and recognition program. Recommend 2–3 types of rewards and/or recognition that would the most effective in motivating the employees to achieve the goals. Create a communication tool for eligible employees announcing the program, rules, and awards. Examples: Email, newsletter, internal Facebook post. Go to the Strayer Online Library and locate at least four quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not quality as academic resources.

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