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  • Read Ch. 5–8 in Organizational Behavior: Science, the Real World, and You.

                                      Edition: 8th Author(s): Nelson, D. L., & Quick, J. C. ISBN: 9781111825867 

Choose one of the end-of-chapter cases included in this week’s assigned reading.

Write a 2-page analysis of the case according to the format in the BSA326: Case Analysis Format document:

  • State the pertinent facts in a brief introduction statement. This statement should be no more than a paragraph in length.
  • Discuss the following aspects of the case:
    • Identification and analysis of any internal and external causes of the main issue presented in the case
    • Connections between the case and the organizational behavior theory or concepts covered in the week’s reading
    • Recommendations for management action supported by the textbook, lecture, and outside sources; these recommendations must address the following, as appropriate:
      • Current motivational practices
      • Behavior modification
      • Performance practices such as goal setting, MBO, and others
      • Stress management
      • Communication practices
  • Incorporate information responsive to the questions following the case into the appropriate parts of the assignment.

Format your analysis consistent with APA guidelines.

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