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The palanquin or norimono was skillfully design and had three valets on either side that assisted the lord in getting in and out the palanquin, an attractive feature also notable in Japan. Further, the valets served another purpose that of making available to the lord whatever he required and all those accompanying him made charming formations. Silence was the rule when you were part of the squad accompanying the lord. The only sounds that were heard came from the transporting horses, the soldiers’ clothes, and their feet. There was also something special about the bodyguards. They were all uniformed and matched all the way to the intended destination in a walking style that posed caution and instilled fear but that was regarded very wonderful and very attractive in display.The Junrei, a group of individuals that visited 33 important temples in the country, was also visible. They walked in threes and twos singing very pitiful songs. It was not easy for them to forget paying a visit to any of the thirty-three most important temples in the country because they carried small boards that were tied around their necks, which contained a list of all the remaining temples that had not been visited. They were either very much spiritual to the extent that a good number of them spend their whole lives paying visitations to the temples or they did nothing to earn a living. Around their chests, they had a linen cloth, and that made them easily identifiable. In addition, during this century, the Asian people had strong beliefs in making vows.

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