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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Customer Perception on advertising.

This essay “Perception and Consumer Actions” outlines the effect of the advertising on the customers and how the consumers should be treated through analyzing four different articles. The first article which will be analyzed is titled, “The Effect of Consumer Perception of Store Attributes on Apparel Store Preferences” reveals the fact that four distinct variables with respect to store preference: type of clothing in stock, outside store appearance, shopping hours, and advertising. Interestingly, the overall level of impact that these attributes had on store preference varied more widely between stores than researchers at first expected (Paulins and Geistfeld 380). This leads the researcher to infer that different expectations could be a primary motivator that helps to further define and constrain these “secondary” perceptions. Oftentimes, when analysts seek to draw inference upon a specific topic, they already assume that what is being measured is necessarily the primarily important metric. Due to the fact that the reserachers of this particular article approached the issue aware of the fact that other motivations and impacts could have paved the way for the perceptions to be measured in a certain way, this research approach bears a great deal of strength in seeking to define the entire process of consumer perception.

A secondary article that will be analyzed and discussed within this brief analysis is that of one entitled “Advertised versus unexpected next purchase coupons: consumer satisfaction, perceptions of value, and fairness”.

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