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Review the video, “Federal Guards Indicted for Abusing Prisoners” youtube has this video.

Access the video under the Supporting Lesson Links to the Web or other Media folder. After reviewing the video, assume that you are the internal affairs investigator assigned to examine the allegations. During your investigation you learn the following: (1) there was a cover up of prisoner beatings by some lower ranking officers; (2) some higher ranking officers who were aware of the misconduct, participated in the beatings and tried to cover up the crimes; (3) Muslim prisoners are routinely abused since the 9/11 incident; and (4) the warden may be involved in the misconduct and cover-ups.

complete the following tasks:

  • Describe how you would approach this problem. In your approach to the problem refer back to the steps used for clarifying ethical dilemmas introduced in Week 1. See the Week 1 Script for the steps. the week one steps are down below
  • In making your decision, how would you apply the elements of an ethics code of conduct for correctional personnel?
  1. Describe the major arguments supporting the importance of studying ethics in the criminal justice field.
  2. Describe the development and importance of ethics.
  3. Understand the origin of professional codes of conduct.
  4. Understand how to analyze an ethical dilemma.
  5. Describe the major ethical systems and the criticism leveled at each.
  6. Learn how to apply the major ethical systems to ethical dilemmas.
  7. Learn the differences between nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance, and negligence
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