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Need an argumentative essay on Introduction to American Government. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The presence of many children combined with puritans stress on the importance of reading the bible led to widespread concern for the education of the youth. Small schools were thus established and boys and girls were taught basic reading by the parents or school. Grandparents were quickly created since people married young with marriages lasting longer and producing more children. Church membership was obligatory for voting in colony elections. All New Englanders were required to attend religious services, whether or not they were church members and people for expressed contempt for ministers could be punished with fines and whippings, the puritan colonies attempted to enforce strict codes of moral conduct. Colonies there could be tried for drunkenness, card playing, dancing or even idleness. Couples who had sex during their engagement were fined and publicly humiliated, men and a handful of women, who engaged in behaviors that today would be called homosexual were seen as especially sinful and reprehensible and some were executed. This and much more, was later to cause fierce rivalries leading to wars for freedom and independence.The Middle Colonies included the colonies of Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Many of these people didn’t bring their families with them from England and were the perfect workers for the hard work required in ironworks and shipyards. Factories in Maryland produced iron, and factories in Pennsylvania produced paper and textiles.

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