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Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Media Papers/Blogs, Mass Communication. As the paper discusses the business for the supermarkets seems to have been doing well according to this article. The statistics show that the sales of the supermarket have grown with 7.6 % this year while sales in shopping malls have increased with 17.1%.

According to the research findings the consumer prices have increasedby 1.2 % in the month of September 2015. When these percentage is projected for the 2015 year, it is seen that, accumulatively the rise is equivalent to 10.7%. The journalists conducted a research to explain why the shopping mall sales are high than the sales in supermarkets. The feedback given by many people is that they said that shopping malls are more secure than supermarkets. The shopping malls are strategically designed with several facilities such that one can go with the children, and as they have fun in the children sector, parents or adults can go in and shop. Parents do not like going to the shops with the children because children can start asking for things that were not budgeted for. In addition, after the shopping, the family can have something to eat in the same building. The shopping malls are more convenient to shop than the supermarket. It will help one reduce movements and have all things under the same roof. These issues do not only belong to Argentina society along. All countries face similar political, economic and business issues. For instance, the strengthening of the US dollar has led to the devaluation of many currencies in different countries.

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