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Write a 10 pages paper on leadership theories in nursing. The researcher states that transformational leadership is so called because it presupposes that a transformational leader change, for the better, the working environment around her or him. Specifically, the transformation occurs in the balance of the tension between production and efficiency, the creation and sustenance of trust in the workplace, the management of the process of change and engaging the followers to participate in decision-making. This is because a transformational leader is someone who inspires others, is a visionary who knows how to motivate others and is energetic and radiates these characteristics to his followers. Authentic leadership, on the other hand, seems to be leaning towards the opposite direction as its main focus is the relationship between him and his followers. The authentic leader deliberately develops a closer bond with his followers so he can inspire them to do their jobs better. Evidently, no one leadership theory is superior to others at all times. The main argument against situational theories, for example, is that they are focused on attempting to define relationships between leaders and their followers. Nonetheless, situational leadership theories have an edge over the style leadership theories in that they aspire to adapt themselves to the circumstances at hand. In the field of healthcare particularly, situations are hardly set and fixed. Healthcare leaders deal with varied situations on a daily basis and must be prepared to deal with contingencies at all times.

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