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Write a 5 page essay on Japan’s Dragon Triangle.

As you travel on the other side of the globe, towards the Pacific ocean off the coast of Japan, you are likely to encounter a less known, but equally mystical area of ocean, known as “The Dragon Triangle” more popularly known to the Japanese as “Ma-no Umi” which literally translates as “The Sea of the Devil”. A series of unexplainable events, which are beyond the powers of us mere mortals, has led to the development of sensational theories, some of which have even found way into the folk lore of the Japanese people. According to the myth, the dragons live deep underneath the deadly sea and their movement causes the sudden churn in waves, whirlpools, dense fog and sudden storms. While yet others believe it to be the handiwork of “mikakunin hiko-buttai”, Japanese for UFOs.

Various authors, scientists and researchers have attempted to solve such mythical occurrences and reason the popular theories revolving around witchcraft, haunting, demon possessions and wizardry but none, so far, have come close to actually addressing the problem.

However, Theodre Schick and Lewis Vaughn, in their famous book titled “How to think about weird things”, have presented an interesting formula called the SEARCH formula, which is in fact an acronym for the four steps. If we consider the case of the Japanese Dragon Triangle, and study it in the light of the tool developed by Vaughn and Schwick, chances are we might derive some logical conclusions and help clear the myths relating to such mysteries.

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