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Write a 3 page essay on Act According to Your Real Nature.

One monkey pretended that it was about to faint, but in reality, its health condition was not that tragic. But another young monkey that began to cry, invited the attention of all. “I saw some flies land on my banana and I am sure that they are the agents of dengue. I suggest that we lodge the bananas in our mouth, one on each side, for the safety of our health. We are certainly not eating the bananas.” The suggestion was accepted and the monkeys complimented the young one for his foresight and concern. Some time passed by. “Since the health issue has cropped up, I need to say something,”. I stay on a tree adjacent to the private hospital of a reputed doctor. I have heard doctors often discuss with nurses and patients that the food items need to be chewed properly, to assist the process of digestion. Why not chew the bananas and keep the stuff ready to swallow, the moment the fast is terminated?” They chewed and chewed, and they did not realize when the food reached their stomach through the food pipe. The entire exercise was over in minutes, and all the monkeys, including the senior citizen, had a hearty laugh. “Never attempt anything that which is not in your real nature,” the senior citizen repeated the advice. I recall what Ronald R. Sims argued, “Human Resources management is particularly concerned with all the activities that contribute to successfully attracting, motivating, and maintaining a high-performing workforce that results in organizational success.”

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