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  1. This is a project that I have been having a hard time getting started on for the last few days. I’m struggling with what type of good I should pick, at first I was thinking about Monster energy drinks, then I was thinking of something that everyone buys constantly like eggs or cheese. Any insight that you could give me on what I should do on this project would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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DEMAND AND ELASTICITY ASSIGNMENTStep 1Lin to astore . Choose ? goods . For the purpose of the examples I will use Good & andGood &. Identify these two goods you have chosen . Be specific . !" Tropicana frozen*Mange juice in a Izaz. cani . ` ly Good & will be Kroger orange juice , {{ callon cartonLined`Load `Step 2Record the actual price of Ligod & and Good B. Tropicana frozen orange juice is $ 1. 89.Actual price of Ligon "Actual Price of Good &Step 3Choose two Iz’s additional prices for Good &. These prices you choose are to be nogreater than I19 higher or IN`’ lower than the actual price of Liand &. So I can choose*any three prices within the range of $ 1. To and 52. 08 , but no higher than $ 2. UB and nowlower than $ 1. 70. The price of Good & will not change in this assignment .Chosen price $ 1 for Liand`Chosen price # 2 for Good`

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