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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Early American History.

The three-day bloodbath ended with a massive Confederate assault of Cemetery Ridge by Major General George Edward Pickett on the battle’s last day, July 3, 1863. Known as ‘Pickett’s Charge,’ the reckless action devastated the Confederate forces and caused General Robert E. Lee to offer his resignation. The enormous losses incurred by the Confederates at Gettysburg marked the beginning of the end for the South. The Union army won the battle but also incurred heavy losses causing Commander General George Meade to offer his resignation as well. While Lee was retained as commander of the South, Meade was replaced by an angered President Lincoln who appointed Ulysses S. Grant in Meade’s position. After the battle, the Southern troops limped back home while what remained of the Northern army stayed because of flooding in the area. At Gettysburg, many thousands of decomposing bodies littered the battlefield, many of which were buried in very shallow graves. According to a witness, “body parts stuck up here and there. Hogs rooted out the bodies and devoured them” (Wills, 1992 p. 21). To alleviate the gruesome situation, a national cemetery was planned so that the dead could be buried properly. The dedication of the cemetery was held before all the thousands of bodies could be buried, but it was hoped that a formal and somber ceremony would serve to change the horrific scene of butchery to a place of honor and one that displayed a more peaceful ambiance.

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