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Therefore, pure biology gives us the theoretical approach that will be applied and used in the field through applied biology (Roberts et al., 2000).

Living organisms or their derivatives such as enzymes have been used to improve and even manufacture new products. Taq polymerase from Thermophillic bacterium Thermus aquaticus has been used in polymerase chain reactions, in the molecular field of biology. Through biotechnology, yeast in the form of Sacccaromyces cerevisae and S. Carbergensis have been applied in production of alcohol. Similarly, scientists through pure sciences have discovered that use of chemical pesticides is polluting the environment besides causing serious health problems to the consumer. In return, they have discovered that B-toxin that is derived from a bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis kills larvae in plants. Through applied biology, the idea has been applied in the manufacture of biopesticides against larvae in maize hence improving production and conserving the environment (Roberts et al., 2000).

Therefore, the two fields co-exist and they can not live without the other. Therefore, students should be exposed to more applied field work rather than pure studies. The knowledge learnt should be applied in solving, improving and modifying of life (Roberts et al., 2000). Therefore, it should be emphasised in the school

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