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1. Describe the voyages of Zheng He.

How did he contribute to the spread of Chinese culture?

2. What role did women play in Parisian salons during the Age of Enlightenment?

3. Why was Timbuktu such an important center of West African trade?

4. What was the importance of coffee houses in Islamic society?


5. How did the Ottoman system of devshirme help to create merit-based opportunities in the military and administration as opposed to the hereditary system practiced in Europe at the time?

6. What new ideas about individual human rights came from the French Revolution?

7. What are the three reasons why the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain?

8. How did the Factory Act of 1833 and the Mines Act of 1842 change the pattern of whole families working together?

9. What is nationalism and what role did it play in revolutions of 1848 in the Habsburg’s Austrian Empire?

10. According to early French socialists, what is the role of government in socialism?

Part 2: Structured Essay For this section, you will use the list of terms below in your answer to the essay question. Write minimum of two complete paragraphs using the all of the terms provided to earn the 50 points available.

1. Henry the Navigator

2. Spice trade

3. Caravel

4. Columbian Exchange

5. Middle Passage

6. Mercantilism in reference to colonization

7. The Scramble for Africa

8. Quinine

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