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Help write notes to prepare for 5-10 minute Oral Presentation submitted via video is required and will be delivered the last session of the class. Students will be required to discuss [1] two key theories which have been most helpful explore, [2] at least one assessment taken during the class and the insights gained, [3] summarize your current leadership style, along with best practices you will use to lead and motivate followers, coupled with leadership pitfalls you will take measures to avoid, [4] the importance of diversity and the relationships you will build and manage with your followers, [5] and how your leadership style compares when viewing it from a global landscape (you will complete and summarize your results, after completing The Dimensions of Culture Questionnaire on pages 463 – 468). The Two Theories will Servant and Spiritual Leadership. Please use text prescribe only source for required: Leadership: Theory and Practice 8th Edition, by Peter Northouse

ISBN-13: 978-1506362311

ISBN-10: 1506362311

Book not provided. I work as Senior Analyst for FLC San Diego. I feel my style works well with in the global landscape. I have attached my questionnaire to assist in the writing as well as provided my scores for Dimensions of Culture Questionnaire on pages 463 – 468). That we give my fit in the global landscape:

U/A: 5.5, Power: 3.5, I/C:4, IG/C: 6.5, Gender: 5.5, Assertive: 4.5, Future: 5.0, Performance: 5.5 and Humane: 4.

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