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While carrying out the search, it is important that one carries himself as if he is being watched. While being watched is not the subject of interest, the police officer must ensure that he conducts himself in accordance with the law, to the latter. This may also refer to the scope of the search, just as is evidenced by the case law Harris v. United States and Trupiano v. United States.

According to Qureshi (2012), this above is because, failure to stick to the right behavior may lead to the inadmissibility of the evidence that was thus seized and subsequently adduced before the court of law. This makes setting limits related to tolerable behavior a necessity.

If based on interrogation of the suspect, I believe that he is aware of the girl’s whereabouts, I will integrate investigative with negotiation skills to get him to reveal the location of the abducted child. To this end, I will remind the suspect of the severity of the act he may have engaged in, and the lenience that he will be accorded, if he reveals the child’s location. This involves, pursuing all the circumstantial evidence that point to the suspect and discretionally telling the suspect about some of these circumstantial evidence. The suspect is then made aware of the lenience that will be accorded him, if he reveals the child’s location in his own

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