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Write 1 page essay on the topic Community Development Corporation.

This paper also describes the kind of services the company provides.

This company is not purely a community development company but has had significant contribution in the recent times. The company works alongside Community Development Corporation (CDC) in Dallas. The main focus of the two companies is mainly the kids. This is a good and commendable move especially because the kids are the future. The program supports an estimated 4000 children in about 18 schools (Jacques, 12). The DynCorp international corporation seeks to promote learning of mathematics and computer applications among other areas of focus. Most recently, the company donated 500 iPods to the children to help them understand computer applications better as well as help them download notes.

Other than the small kids, the company also supports other needy groups in the society such as law enforcement veterans, international community development, veterans of the U.S. military and worldwide education programs (Jacques, 20). These are some of the sectors that are often overlooked by the government as well as other community development companies. The company also gives back to the community through its philanthropic donations project which involves training programs for the local community as well as volunteers. Through such projects, the company does not only empower the community but also prepares the community for a better

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