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It is important that the values of communicating with people of other nations that people working internationally together in the business world recognize the privacy, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, legality and privacy (Voss and Flammia, 73) and American interpretations of those are respectful of other countries in order work together in a global economy.

As Americans, it must be acknowledged that there are these differences and that being ethnocentric and believing that doing business such as it is done in the United States is not the only way that it is always done. There is no doubt that business is not conducted in just one country anymore as not everything wears the ‘Made in America’ stamp. One major aspect in global business that can be a huge hurdle that is only the beginning is the fact that not everyone speaks English. In a study acknowledged by Barry L. Thatcher, he pointed out that in a study of over 200 countries, over 50 languages were spoken (178). However, working together globally, this is an important concept to understand. Not everyone in other places work the same way that those businesspeople in America do. Business theory is not universal but instead cross-cultural and when conducting it, it is important to take note of these differences and instead to adapt to how all can work together to achieve a smoothly functioning working global

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