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Literature Review

 For your post you will need to find an appropriate peer-reviewed article on human mate choice. The article should be a primary research article (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that describes the findings of an original experiment; it should not be a review.

Be sure mark every step 1-6

The assignment requires 1 post with the following content:

  1. The title, link and citation of the article you have chosen.
  2. What hypothesis was the paper testing?
  3. How did they test the hypothesis?
  4. Strengths and weakness of the experimental design described in the article.  
  5. What were their results?
  6. An explanation of any of the terminology you used in your summary that can easily be understood by anyone in the class. You must define at least two terms.

NO REPEATS.  A repeated article will receive NO CREDIT, so please check what others have written about before selecting your article. Additionally, your discussion post must be written in your own words! Do not copy and paste from the article!

You must ALSO submit a .pdf of your post (see the nest link in the module).  To do this simply copy and paste into a Google Doc and select ‘save as’ and ‘pdf’.  Simply upload the .pdf to the next assignment.  

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