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Please answer the following questions on attached image

Required information:The mflondng inmnnafien applies to the quesflhns displawd below} A st-enlumn table for JKL Company follows. The firsttwp columns eprrtaln the unadjusted trial balance for the campa nyas of July 31. 201?. The last me columns cdrrtaln the adjusted trlal balance as dfthe same date. unadjusted fidjnetedTrial Balance Trial BalanceEaeh $113,$Tfl $113.5?Dareeunte receivable 13,000 15,500foiee euppliee 11,200 6,500Prepaid ineuranee 0,040 3,360foiee equipment 33,000 33,000Beaum. Depreciation—Office equip. 5 25.000 5 3l,nflflarepunte payable 11.100 16,000Intereet payable 0 3,000salariee payable 0 15,000unearned ppneulting feee 20.000 15,000Lung—term nptee payable 60.000 60,000Common etdek 33.600 33,600Retained earninge 22.100 22,i00Dividends 4,500 t,5nnEpneulting feee earned lfi!.flflfl 1?1,500Depreciation erpenee—foiee equip. 0 5,000salariee erpenee $1,210 36,2?0Intereet erpenee 1,300 t,3nnIneuranee erpenee 0 6,550Rent erpenee 14,530 1i,EEDfoiee euppliee erpenee 0 10,?00 advertising expenee 11:340 11:210Tptale $331,100 533?.100 $3?E,500 53?E,500 [— 2[e-1] Prepare JKL Company‘s income statement for The year ended July 31. 201?. Eta-2| Prepare JKL Company’s statement of retalned earnlngs fer the year ended July 31. 201?. Note: Retalned earnings at JulyI 3.1r201E. Iwas $22,400. and the nu went-year dlyidends were $4,500. 2th] Prepare JKL Company‘s the balance sheet as of July 31. 201?.

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