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Life is full of equation solving. You probably don’t even realize when you are solving equations.

Take, for instance, your cell phone plan. Your cell phone carrier charges you a flat rate of $60 a month for unlimited talk/text and 4 GB of data. You are charged $5 for every GB you go over. If one month you use 7 GB, how much did you spend? Thought question: If this pattern continues, should you think about switching to the 10 GB plan for $80?

Another example would be your paycheck. You earn $13 an hour plus time-and-a-half overtime for anything over 40 hours. One week you worked 46 hours and the next week you worked 51 hours. What would your gross pay be for that two-week period? Thought question: Using that pay period as an example, would you rather have a pay raise of $15 an hour but no overtime pay, or keep your current rate and take the overtime?

Bet you could figure those out!

For this discussion, include two different parts in your original post:

Part 1: Pick one of the above examples and set up your equation and work it out completely showing all of your steps. Then answer the thought question and justify your answer.

Part 2: The above are just two examples of how equations are used in day-to-day life. Describe two examples where you use equations in your daily life. Set up and solve one of your examples. Here is an example of what you are being asked to do:

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