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Edger Alan Poe “the fall of the house of usher” questions . please no long copied and pasted answers

Simply add your responses using a different-colored ink. Incorporate and explain textual evidence throughout your answers in order to thoroughly support your responses. 

1. What is the mood at the beginning of the story, and how does Poe create mood?

2. Describe the history of the Usher family. What kind of interests do they have? What type of people are they?

3. Describe Roderick Usher – his appearance, his weaknesses, his attitudes.

4. What happens in the poem, “The Haunted Palace”? What are the parallels between this poem and the story of the Ushers?

5. Which descriptive details of the interior of the house suggest that the narrator has entered a realm that is quite different from the ordinary world?

6. In what ways is the appearance of both the interior and exterior of the house related to Usher’s appearance and to the condition of his mind?

7. Poe chose to characterize Roderick and Madeline as twins, not simply as brother and sister. Why do you think he made this choice?

8. What evidence is there to support the claim of some critics who have argued that Madeline and Roderick are actually physical and mental component of the same being?

(Think about why Roderick buries Madeline alive.)

9. Explore the various meanings of the “House of Usher.”

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