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Based on the following data, prepare a Statement of Activities for a nonprofit organization called, Yoga for the Disabled.  Assume that all balances are as of December 31 unless otherwise noted.

Unrestricted support– contribution $335,000,000

Unrestricted support– donated materials $10,000,000

Unrestricted support– donated facilities $8,000,000

Unrestricted and support– donated services– $10,000,000

Unrestricted support- special events $75,000,000

Unrestricted revenues– membership dues $17,300,000

Unrestricted revenues–investment income $34,000,000

Unrestricted gain – gain on sale of equipment $10,000,000

Expenses – education $184,000,000

Expenses — research $103,800,000

Expenses – management and general $151,200,000

Expenses – fundraising $91,000,000

Expenses – direct costs of special events $25,000,000

Expenses – interest $20,000,000

Restricted support – contributions $275,000,000

Restricted revenue s– investment income $35,500,000

Permanently restricted support – contributions $55,000,000

Permanently restricted revenues – investment income $10,500,000

Permanently restricted gain $1,400,000

Unrestricted net assets, January 1 $750,000,000

Temporarily restricted net assets, January 1 $250,000,000

Permanently restricted net assets, January 1 $300,000,000

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