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  • Describe three kinds of radiation emitted by radioactive materials. Describe what eventually happens to each kind of radiation after it is emitted.
  • Technically speaking, what is wrong with calling a rock that strikes the surface of the Moon a meteorite? Again speaking technically, what should you call a rock that strikes the surface of the Moon or any planet other than Earth? Explain.
  • What does the color of a star indicate about the surface temperature of the star? What is the relationship between the temperature of a star and the spectrum of the star? Finally, describe in general the spectral classification scheme based on temperature and stellar spectra.
  • Describe the internal structure of Jupiter and Saturn and explain the planetary rings.
  • Briefly describe how Earth’s axis is used as a reference for a system that identifies locations on Earth’s surface.
  • Explain why standard time zones were established. In terms of longitude, how wide is a standard time zone? Why was this width chosen?
  • Describe what happens to the minerals as shale is metamorphosed to slate, then schist, then gneiss. Is it possible to metamorphose shale directly to gneiss or must it go through the slate and schist sequences first? Explain.
  • Describe evidence that would explain why plate tectonics occurs on Earth but not on other planets.
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