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Please address the following topics by typing your answers directly below the questions (100 words per field).  

I will go to China to attend this program and I am a Chinese. Please use my word to answer those questions.

1. Why did you choose this program? 

2. Describe your academic goals during your time abroad. 

a. What type of courses do you intend to take? 

b. What excites you about the program academically and how will it enhance your understanding of your major or minor?

c. If applicable: Do you plan to volunteer, do an internship or conduct research abroad? If so, what type of volunteer, internship or research work?

3. How will your EAP participation fit in to your future plans? (i.e. influence your career or graduate studies?)

4. Describe your personal goals during your time abroad. 

5. Describe how your EAP participation will affect your identity and culture? 

a. What differences between your host culture and personal culture do you anticipate encountering abroad?

b. How do you plan to approach these differences?

6. What kind of challenges (if any) have you faced in deciding to study abroad? (For example, impacted major; being an athlete; resistance from family).

7. If applicable: Describe your language learning goals and the strategies you plan to implement to achieve them.

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