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However, businesses owner is torn between pursuing prosperity for the mutual benefit of the client and the business or the enterprise alone. The conversation revealed the moral justice discussion that should be geared towards the greater good of people. According to Mackey and Sisodia, the noble objective of a business is to pursue prosperity far from the common ideology that businesses and corporations are founded on selfish to generate profit (2).

The ethics that surround business operations are not the only components that sustained our conversation. The discussion of morality also reminded me of moral worth of human beings in the businesses world. Mackey and Sisodia discuss old capitalism ideologies that suppressed people by pursuing personal interests that should not feature in the current economy. The moral worth of people rests in the fulfillment of desires and needs of other people. Businesses operations should be conducted on ideologies that do not encourage self-interests at the expense of the larger community. Mum asserted that morality is anchored on the powerful human motivations that should be respected in any social or economic endeavor. The conversation went on to highlight the need to pursue prudence and the greater good of people because that is what morality and ethics

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