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Assume you are a criminal profiler. Using the Internet, conduct research on criminal profiling. Research several murderers who are relatively well known due to the media highlighting their cases and the stories that surrounded their cases. Based on your understanding, address the following in a Microsoft Word document:

  • Describe the steps that are involved in criminal profiling.
  • Create a profile of each of the following individuals:
    • Son of Sam
    • Ted Bundy
    • Charles Manson
    • John Gacy
    • Charles Whitman
    • Gary Ridgway
  • Once you profile these individuals, respond to the following:
    • Categorize the profile that the individual fits in (mass murderer, spree murderer, or something else). Analyze why each individual fits the profile you chose. Describe the characteristics and personality traits that led you to choose this profile.
    • Analyze and explain why most of these crimes are seen as male crimes and most serial killers have been identified as white males in their early thirties.
    • Analyze some of the motivations for murder (or multiple murders) as you have learned from this week’s readings.

Submission Details:

  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Attach a Turnitin.com Report.
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