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OL 675 5-2 Blog Discussion: Vision Statement

In this blog, ask yourself the following questions in order to better reflect on your values, vision, and the people that are in your life:

  • Who is critical to my life development and to what extent?
  • Who sustains me and to what extent?
  • Who challenges me and to what extent?

Values provide a solid foundation for a vision statement. A vision statement has many content criteria and just one simple contextual requirement. A vision statement must inspire one to be greater than who he/she is. Once this vision statement is inspiring, it will also inspire others. The content basics include:

  • Brief: 2–3 sentences, easy to remember
  • Clear
  • Abstract: leaves some room for interpretation
  • Challenging
  • Future Oriented: the impact
  • Stable: very long term

Example: Vision statement: To Lead Humanity Toward Systemic Evolution from Within.To complete this assignment, review the Blog Discussion Guidelines and Rubric document.

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