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I will send additional details regarding assignment once a handshake has been made (Possible essay topics). Must have experience writing research papers. This is a final paper that has to be well researched.

From the Professor:

The essay should be very well focused, concentrating on a specific thesis that is defended thoroughly in each of the body paragraphs. The thesis should be your idea in both its direction and its execution. Keep your idea as the central catalyst for progress. A sample essay would be: “Exploring how certain elements of Blake’s life affect his writing of Songs of Innocence and Experience.”

Please follow the formula from David James “Literary Analysis Research Paper,” which is:

Your ideas + Textual Evidence + Research= Literary analysis Research Paper.

Remember that the essay should focus on the text at all times, you are developing a thesis around your analysis of the text and synthesis of the information you gather during your research, but the focus should be on the text. A minimum of 5 sources should be used. The expectations is that the sources will be used within the essay to back up your points, either by having a critic agree with you. Or demonstrating your control of your topic by arguing against an opposing viewpoint.

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