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The City of Waterman established a debt service fund to account for the financial resources used toservice the bonds issued to finance the ramp (see Exercise 18-6). The 10 percent, $150,000 bondissue was sold at 104.0 on January 1, 20X2. It is a 10-year serial bond issue. The resources to paythe interest and annual principal will be from a property tax levy.Additional Information1. The operating budget for 20X2 included estimated revenue of $35,000. Budgeted appropriationsincluded $15,000 for principal, $15,000 for interest, and $4,000 for other items. The budgetalso included an estimated transfer in of $5,000 from the capital projects fund.2. The property tax levy was for $40,000 and an allowance for uncollectibles of $4,000 wasestablished. Collections totaled $35,000. The remaining taxes were reclassified as delinquentand the allowance was reduced to $1,000. The bond premium was received from the capitalprojects fund.3. The current portion of the serial bonds and the interest due this year were recorded and paid.Other expenses charged to the debt service fund totaled $1,700, of which $1,200 was paid.4. The nominal accounts were closed.Required

For part 4, where it says record transfer of unspent funds in capital projects fund to debt service fund.  How did they get 5,500?

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